Tafelmaier Dünnschicht Technik GmbH Rosenheim Ion-Plating Coating

About us

In 1972, the engineer Hans Tafelmaier founded the company "Dünnschicht-Technik" (Thin Film Technology). At this time, he already had many years of experience in the area if thin film coatings at Balzers AG; at this time, he exchanged his management position for the challenges of his own company.

In spite of initially having to utilize spatially limited manufacturing facilities production increased quickly and the company grew successfully. In 1987, the company moved into its own facility in Rosenheim, designed and erected especially for the stringent requirements of coating technology.

Since 1996 Christian Tafelmaier, son of the company founder, has been part of the management staff in this family owned company. He holds a M.S. in physics. Mr. Tafelmaier is responsible for Management, R&D as well as Operations.

Over the years, the company continuously expanded its base of special knowledge and collected vast experience in the area of thin film coatings. A primary component of the company’s culture has always been to continuously strive to be at the forefront of technology, environmental stewardship and cost efficient manufacturing as well as to utilize the company’s resources optimally for development and production.